Programme Management

Programme Management Consultancy & Services

Drive your Programme’s to successful completion with our Programme Management Consultancy & Services

Programme Management Consultancy

Your Programme methodology reviewed or designed to suit your needs based on industry standards

Our consultant Programme Managers can work with you, to review your existing Programme Management structure and processes or create a new way of working with your business in mind.

Some of the potential benefits of working with our consultants on your Programme methodology are:

  • Reduced administrative workload
  • Improved communication
  • Greater visibility of Programme status
  • Tailored industry standard processes
  • Standardised working
  • Follow-up support

We can work with you to deliver the Programme Methodology that your business wants, with quick turnarounds and high quality of work.

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Create your own Programme Management Office

Your own Programme Management Office to ensure all your projects follow your business processes and deliver

Working with your existing team or helping create a new team we can provide a fully functional Programme Management Office designed to help your business deliver on its Programme and Project Commitments.

We can enable a team complete with processes and documentation that will allow your Programme and Project Managers to deliver for your business, working to the standards, collaboratively and in line with your companies goals and objectives.

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Programme Management Support

We can support your existing Programme managers, with our years of experience we can offer support and guidance to your programme managers helping them work through the challenges they face on a daily basis. This means your Programmes continue to run successfully and your staff are still in control but they have the support of our team of experts to guide and mentor them along the way. We can help with all parts of Programme management from stakeholder management, documentation, internal and external team control, dependency issues and benefit reviews.

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Programme Management Services

Some of the benefits your business could gain by working with our Programme Management Services team

  • Cost control
  • Knowledge and experience of our consultants
  • Tailored services based on industry standards
  • High quality of service
  • No requirement to find extra floor space
  • No capital costs for equipment such as PC, Laptop
  • Planning and reporting completed for you

Your own Programme Management Office – without the expense

Our experienced consultants can provide the Programme Management Office service to your business, without the cost of staffing, space and training. We will work with you to ensure your Programmes and Projects are operating to your expectations.

Regular reviews, audits and guidance for your staff where required to keep your Programmes and Projects on track, working for your business.

We do this without adding red tape or administrative burden onto your teams where practical, of course sometimes to gain control and knowledge a little extra work is required. We will always keep this to the minimum amount possible and cooperate with you to ensure it is necessary. Over the years we have found that when adding in necessary work there is usually something else to remove due to redundancy or amended to fit the new requirements.

If our Programme Management Office is of interest to you give us a call on 01352 609 155 or email

Programme Management Service

Our consultants are available to help your business manage its Programmes of work. Working to your specifications and Programmes goals, we can manage all aspects of work. Including but not limited to external parties such as suppliers and contractors, writing documentation or check the validity of documents, ensure internal teams are aware of their deliverables. Always working to deliver your Programmes to time, cost and quality constraints.

Bespoke Consultancy and Services

We pride ourselves on providing the service that you need; Putting our customers first is how we have built our company. We believe if you succeed then so do we. To this end, if you have not found what you are looking for please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to discuss these in more detail with you.

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