About Us

Professional and Fun working environment building partnerships to deliver your goals

Volec is dedicated to helping your business, by providing business consultancy and services in the following areas Programme and Project Management, Business Analysis, Change Management and Business Processes.

We are based in North Wales but cover the entire UK working with a range of business types and sizes.

We have experience working in various sectors, including Automotive, Aerospace, Financial and more traditional office and field type business.

We work closely with our clients looking to build partnerships to provide long-term success.

Our aim is to help your business achieve its strategic and tactical goals.

We believe that doing business should be professional but fun also, the majority of people spend the vast majority of their time at work and therefore should look forward to attending work on a daily basis.

To build a happy and professional working environment means having teams working together to deliver a unified and agreed upon goal or target, this enables Volec to develop partnerships and relationships with your business.

We have experts available to help your business, contact us via the contact page, email sales@volec.co.uk or call 01352 609 115